Laminate Flooring Layers

Layer 1:  Durable Wear Layer
This layer is highly-scratch resistant where the Melamine resin overlay creates a tough,durable finish that is easy to clean, hygienic as well as stain and impact resistant.It is available in AC2-AC4 with and without embossing.
Layer 2:  Decor Layer
A large selection of realistic looking wood and stone decors are available in square tile and 1/2/3 strip plank designs.  This layer is selected as per the client’s needs and design requirements.

Layer 3:  Solid HDF Core
This layer is the High Density Fiberboard (HDF) core with built-in patented design profile.  It is available in brown and water resistant green core with various levels of density or thickness.

Layer 4:  Water Repellant Balancing Layer
Solid, water repellent melamine balancing layer provides dimensional stability and resists moisture absorption through the underside of the floor.

Characteristics of Laminate Flooring

1.  Cutting edge: Wide board, narrow plank, random length products are available in square and beveled edge.  Beveled edge products have painted edges for an attractive 3 dimensional look and excellent chip resistance.
2.  Waterproofed edges: All HDF products can also be additionally waterproofed on the edges to further increase water resistance.
3.  Foam backing for faster
All products are available with foam backing and there are a number of available options.
4.  Click assembly: Fast and easy click installation is designed with the DIYer in mind.  Click design means that the floor is ready for use as soon as the last board is installed and there is no messy glue clean up or waiting for glue to dry.  This system enables assembly from any corner of the room.  You can work from left to right or vice versa and is easy to install for left handers as well.
5.  Extra strong joints: The patented design profile creates extra strong joints through pressure.  The underside of the groove presses on the tongue so boards are pushed together even as they expand and contract.  Tight joints mean less play and reduces the risk of damaging board profiles as well as accumulation of dirt in the joints.
6.  Easily dismantled and
By design, this profile allows boards to be separted from each other.  Any installation mistakes can be quickly remedied and damaged boards can be replaced without contrasting with the pattern of the adjoining boards.  Furthermore, flooring can be disassembled and moved to another location.
7.  Long lasting: High UV resistance, blocking the sun’s harmful rays and protecting the floor pattern from fading over time.
8.  Endless design options: An infinite array of designs and options to choose from.

Embossing Options for Laminate Flooring

1.  Deep wood grain embossing: This scale of the embossing is especially suited to wide planks that are most commonly offered with square edges.
2.  Medium wood grain
Creates a casual look and is used primarily on medium width planks with beveled edges.
3.  Flat hardwood finish: Replicates the high end look of the traditional solid hardwood floor with its smooth aluminum oxide finish.  It is used primarily on narrow planks with beveled edges.
4.  Handscraped style finish: Perfect for a casual look and this finish captures the sculptured look and feel of handscraped hardwood.
5.  Handscraped with ultrareal
This ultra real embossing finish adds texture to an already sculptured handscraped laminate and matches to the pattern of the wood grain.
6.  Ultrareal stone finish: This finish provides an authentic stone look and is used for laminate tile products with stone decors.


Laminate Flooring Series

EIR Sparkling Series I:
EIR Sparkling Series II::
EIR Sparling Series III:
EIR 3-strip Series:
Marble Series:
Hand-scraped Series:
Mirror Surface Series:
High Glossy Surface Series:

Art Paste-up Series:
Crystal Surface Series:



Flooring Accessories

End Molding



T Molding


2-in-1 White Foam

Silver Foil Foam – 3mm

3-in-1 Selfadhesive Foam

EVA Underlayment