Brand: Slendertone

Slendertone Bottom (Female)


Slendertone Bottom is the latest bottom toning device in the Slendertone range.  Building on previous bottom toning products, Slendertone Bottom focuses all it’s toning power on your glutes.  By replicating bottom toning exercises its is clinically proven to improve shape, tone and lift your bottom in just 4 weeks!

  • Exercise the muscles in your bottom, giving you a firmer and more uplifted bottom.
  • 4 bottom toning programmes from beginner to advanced
  • 0-99 intensity levels for maximum effectiveness
  • Clinically proven efficiency in just 4weeks
  • 6-12 (Waist: 24″-32″ / 61-81cm; Hips: 32″-38″ / 81-97cm)